Grooming Services Pricing

All rates depend on breed, behavior, and coat condition. These prices are a guideline only. The exact price for your pet can only be properly quoted once we see them in person.

Bath Only – Short-Haired Breeds

Estimated Price Only

Small Breeds

(Jack Russell, Chihuahua, etc.)
$  25 per dog

Medium Breeds

(Schnauzer, Beagle, French bulldog, etc.)
$  35 per dog

Large Breeds

(Pitbull, Lab, etc.)
$  45 -55 per dog

Extra Large Breeds

(Great Dane, Rottweiler, etc.)
$  70-80 + per dog

Giant Breeds

(Great Dane, Masriff, Cane Corso, extremly over weight dogs)
$  90+


All breeds
$  55 per cat

NAGAYU - CO2 Spa/Bath

Add On to All Baths & All breeds
$  3-5 per animal


  • Nails - $5
  • Flea Pill - $10 to $20
  • Teeth brushing - $5
  • Gentle Dental    Non-anesthetic dental cleaning - $195
  • Zoom Groom or Express $20
  • Cat sanitary cut $15
  • Cat nail cap application $25
  • Cat -brush, sani, nails (NO bath) $35
  • Nails only walk in $15 Small dogs  $20-$25 Large dogs

Face, Feet, and Tail – Medium-to Long-Haired Breeds

Everything that is included in a bath and brush, plus feet trimming, face trimming, and tail trimming.

Face, feet, and tail include: clean face and feet services for poodles or other breeds that usually get this style.

Small Breeds

(Shih Tzu, Yorkie, Maltese, etc.)
$  60-70+ per dog

Medium Breeds

(Cocker Spaniel, Border Collie, etc.)
$  70-80 + per dog

Large Breeds

(Golden Retriever, Siberian Husky, etc.)
$  85+ per dog

Extra Large to Giant Breeds

(Great Pyrenees, Newfoundland, Giant Schnauzer, etc.)
$  130+ per dog

Full Grooming – Short-and Long-Haired Breeds

Everything that is included in bath and brush or face, feet, and tail, plus full-body haircut/styling and ear hair pulling.

Small Breeds

(Shih Tzu, Maltese, Yorkie etc.)
$  65+ per dog

Medium Breeds

(Cocker Spaniel, Border Collie, etc.)
$  80-90 per dog

Large Breeds

(Lab, Golden Retriever, etc.)
$  70+ per dog

Extra Large Breeds

(Husky, German Shephard, etc.) depending on hair length
$  100+ per dog

Doodle and Poodle Breeds

$  120+ per dog

Standard Poodles

$  135+ per dog

Cat Haircuts - Long or Short Haired

MATTING and TEMPERMENT are considered in pricing.
$  100+ per cat


From time to time, your pet may develop tangles or knots throughout the coat. Once the hair gets tangled, it will only continue to worsen, eventually pulling tightly on the pet's skin. This can become very uncomfortable. 

Dematting requires an extra amount of time in addition to the haircut. If matting is severe, dematting is usually not an option because it can be an unpleasant experience for your pet. In this case, the coat must be shaved close enough to reach underneath the matts. 

Our dematting charges are based on the extra amount of time spent dematting your pet. 

If the matts are small, we usually do not charge; however, we will have to see your pet to determine the severity of the matting and will give a price estimate at that time. 

Average dematting charges are $5 and up.

Flea Pill

$  9 sm 18 lg per pet

Specialty Shampoo

$  5 per pet

Teeth Brushing

$  5 per pet

Deshed - Brushout

$  10-20+ per pet depending upon size and length of hair

Matting Charges

Depends on Severity and time spent
$  10 +

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